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The different designs and styles of Shower Screens Epping

Shower screens Epping

Shower screens Epping are not necessarily all that gets your attention. They are not generally considered a surprising bathroom feature. In regular-sized bathrooms, they always take up the most space. In favour of other parts and fixtures such as tapware, vanity units, tiles and flooring, they are frequently forgotten.

Shower Screens Epping Displays Styles

For frameless Shower Screens Epping installations, there is almost an infinite range of options. There is no one recipe, and in any and every bathroom, a frameless shower can be used. Some of the more common layouts, however, have a handful.

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Shower screens Epping

Shower Displays Fixed Panel

This is actually a single panel with a thick sheet of glass, as the name implies. 10 mm glass is frequently used. Still, we begin to see even thicker glass up to 15 mm thick that instantly catches the visitor’s imagination or prospective buyer entering!

Shower Screens Epping Wall-to-Wall

A typical alternative is to have glass in the hole period door in the centre of a door on each end is a wall side of the proposed screen. To conserve space, Wall to Wall apps is typically ideal for a sliding shower system.

Shower Screens Corner or L-Shaped

One of the most popular choices for frameless Shower screens Epping is the L-shaped or corner shower screen. Most showers will be located in the corner of the current bathrooms, making this arrangement very popular for renovations. Again, depending on the room, this arrangement style may be ideal for either a sliding or hinged door system.

Shower Screens Epping

Shower panels above the bathtub

The one side above the bathtub shower panel is the perfect choice for extra tiny bathrooms where the bath and shower are combined. This system also makes for a frameless shower, making space feel much more extensive and lighter than the old folded framed windows.

With V2 Opt Sliding Shower System Sliding Door

If the bathroom style is such that it is not an option to use a pivot panel, you can go for a V2 Opt Sliding door system. In those bathrooms where space for a pivoting door is not accessible, this sliding, frameless Shower Screens Epping door is mounted.

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