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Best sites for online shopping Sri Lanka

Online Shopping Sri Lanka

The world of online shopping Sri Lanka is expanding all the time and Sri Lanka is definitely a place to experience it. For instance, one can shop for the latest and the hottest new trends in clothing, shoes, handbags, perfumes, accessories, jewellery, etc.

The great thing about online shopping Sri Lanka is that you will find online shopping sites offering huge collections of Indian and African handicrafts. There are many such sites that specialize in the selection of all kinds of Indian and African handicrafts. Moreover, you can also get the best deals on handcrafted leather goods and other fashion articles.

For starters, you can visit one of the many Sri Lanka boutique stores that sell handcrafted jewellery and other Indian accessories. For example, one of the most popular Sri Lanka jewellery brands is Colombo Jewelers. Here you can choose from a large collection of jewels, bangles, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, watches, gold and silver plated jewellery and many more. These are just some of the most famous Sri Lanka jewellers.

You can also shop at the website of Anutika, which offers good quality imported handmade articles and accessories. Some of the Anutika online shops can be found in Kandy, Colombo, Vavuniya, Madivaram, Mambatha, Banjara Hills, Kandy, Chinapoolam, Batticaloa, Matara, Andalucia, Mapungubwe, Asilomar, Candolim, Sibombo, Majongala, Kinabalu, Kandy, Novena, Koutloutzwa, Pongola, Vasile, Budimanma, Bangalong, Damala, Bagan, Guna, Soroti, Tambo, Chatrapadi, Sankalampitiya, Sathayam, Nandamaniya, Munda, Pathumthaniya, Colombo, Vavuniya, Kandy, and in addition there are some shops in Vavuniya that sell Indian articles.

Online Shopping Sri Lanka

Raja Lanka is another one of the leading shopping malls that have beautiful Indian handicrafts. Raja Lanka Mall sells such items as cotton clothes, embroidered dresses, pearl and gold jewellery, handmade bags, handmade shoes, rubber shoes, textile products, etc.

The handicrafts from Raja Lanka are available at reasonable prices and they are available in a number of forms like traditional Indian silk, a powder made beads, silver thread, wood made handcrafts, handmade rugs, and many more. In addition, the shops here also offer bags and gewgaws. The prices of these items are quite affordable.

Bambu Hati Designs is another premier online store for all kinds of Rajasthani arts and crafts like rice terracotta pots, handmade soaps, silk and wool carpets, handicrafts, lamps, pottery, lacquerware, earthenware, soap dishes, and many others. The best thing about this online store is that you can get various discounts. For instance, you can get free shipping by shopping at Bambu Hati Designs.

The shops of Sahanis, a popular brand for its colourful accessories and jewellery, sell the latest Indian handicrafts and also sell perfume and deodorants. In addition, they also sell jewellery and curios.

The online shop of the well known Sri Lanka perfume house, Sathyam Perfume, offers the best quality handcrafted perfume fragrances. Apart from this, these online shops also sell local hand-made handicrafts like Balu flowers, Fig Tree leaves, Fig Tree bark, clay pots, umbrellas, tapestries, and many more. Other top shopping malls in Sri Lanka are Rainforest for the selling authentic and fair priced African handicrafts, Kumaraswamy for its wide array of handcrafted jewellery and decorations, Fotskien for its beautiful handmade mats, Wana Crafts for its distinctive collections of bangles, adornments, and fabrics, Rasen for its hand-woven handicrafts, St. Thomas for its intricate glassware, and pottery, and so on. So, if you too would like to shop for your next luxury item, then go online and look for any of the listed stores and see for yourself what Sri Lanka has to offer. !

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