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Sri Lanka is a country famous for its natural beauty and diversity of life. As such, it also has a very diverse range of career options, such as government jobs to support the culture and people of Sri Lanka. In this article, we will talk about some of the interesting and well-paying government jobs available in Sri Lanka.

Searching on Google searches for government jobs in Sri Lanka will give you over two thousand results. Although Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful places in the world, there are many options to do well-paying work in this beautiful country. You could take up work in several sectors:

Citizenship – If you want to become a citizen, you should get some work experience in a government office. While doing so, you could also apply for government citizenship. It is one of the most difficult steps that a person can go through to become a citizen of a country. Hence, applying for citizenship from a government agency is considered the easiest way to get citizenship.

Security Forces – The armed forces of Sri Lanka are some of the finest fighting force for international peace and security. So if you want to work in the security forces, you need to become an officer. These officers are specialized in running all the different types of security operations.

Civil Service Exam – You have to pass an exam to be in the civil service of Sri Lanka. The examination is very competitive and many young people who have never taken any government service test before can easily win the exam.

Governments Jobs

National Service – It is not compulsory for people in Sri Lanka to serve in the armed forces. However, they often do so to secure their future job opportunities. Most Sri Lankan men and women are called up into the army at least once in their lifetime.

Further education – You must have completed secondary school or higher and had some college studies in your native language to get into higher education. There are also scholarships for students studying at the secondary level. Further studies are important because the more you know about Sri Lanka, the better your position in a different country will be.

Public Administration – Government officials in Sri Lanka are called as OICs (officials in charge). The prime responsibility of an OIC is to ensure that government processes are done efficiently and without errors. This is not easy because the government offices work together and have a different set of rules.

Child Protection – There are many cases where children of foreigners living in Sri Lanka have run away and joined militant groups. Thus the government has to try to find the parents and bring them back to Sri Lanka. Child protection officers are responsible for such cases.

Food and Nutrition – You would be able to make a lot of money by working as a consultant to these departments and agencies. The people working in the food and nutrition department are in charge of giving medicines, vitamins and other nutritional products to the people. It is considered to be the most reliable and good-paying career option in Sri Lanka.

So, there are many options available for you, if you want to find out about different sectors in Sri Lanka. Just remember to have a good grounding in the different fields and go for the best available government jobs that suit your interests.

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