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Being situated in the south of the island, Sri Lanka has an abundance of different tourism destinations. Most of the people from all over the world have settled on this island because of its wonderful diversity and its inviting climate. It has a land area of five hundred and twenty-four square kilometres and is one of the most scenic, urban and delicious destinations in the world.

In the past years, tourists have found themselves at home in this beautiful country as it becomes the ultimate tourist destination. Its mountainous backwaters have long been the hot spots for surfing and sailing, adventure sports and many other water sports. There are many great surf schools on the island, where beginners can learn the basics of water sports and rowing.

Tourism in Sri Lanka is a booming industry and has been promoted to a tremendous extent due to the many beautiful beaches that we get to enjoy from our beaches. The beaches are diverse, which come in several different colours and textures and add to the charm of the island.

Another fact which has become very well known to tourists is the great variety of cuisine that the tourists can enjoy from these beaches. The spices and cuisines that were once mostly consumed by the Punjabis and Tamilians have now found their way into the Indian society, particularly the Tamil communities in Sri Lanka.

Job vacancies in Sri Lanka are abundant as the country has much to offer to the tourists. The cost of living is cheap and the infrastructure is up to standard. The people of Sri Lanka are warm and friendly and it is easy to see why the country enjoys the reputation of being the jewel of South East Asia.

Job Vacancies

Jobs in the tourism sector are plentiful and the employment options are broad. The government has recognized the importance of tourism and has implemented many schemes to help tourists get to know and understand the culture and rich natural resources.

Job vacancies in tourism are numerous and also very competitive. These job vacancies are available in the tourism sectors. Many tourists are planning their travels to explore the country’s beautiful beaches, sea experiences and adventurous activities.

Job vacancies in tourism have come up in different places within the country. The tourism sector covers almost every part of the country and all its major areas are being known to tourism. Some of the popular destinations, where jobs are available include;

One can choose from thousands of job vacancies in the tourism sector. Tourism is booming and the most attractive aspect of it is that it covers almost every aspect of the life and culture of the country.

Jobs in the tourism sector come up from many places and are generally linked to the tourists. Tourists get to meet the local population and experience the traditional Sri Lankan food and culture.
Job vacancies in the tourism sector are increasingly being advertised by the government to attract tourists and encourage them to visit the country. Job vacancies have also been created to promote the opportunities of work and tour packages offered by the hotels, tour agencies and resorts to attract tourists.

There are several kinds of jobs in the tourism sector and the best option to get local employment opportunities is to visit the tourism office. Tourists get a wide choice to choose from, by visiting the tourism office and talking to the people there.

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