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Why Ignoring Thermal Imaging Will Cost You

Thermal Imaging

The last few years have brought an avalanche of advances in thermal imaging technology. Not only can the technology be used to survey the space but also to monitor activity in the home and various areas of the industrial environment.

Thermal imaging involves taking a photograph with the help of high-intensity laser light to see a clearly defined image on the outside surface of the object being viewed. In addition, other wavelengths of light can be used in thermal imaging too to see through certain types of materials such as wood or paper.

Traditional thermal imaging can be used to detect movement in any closed system. The process is based on the idea that heat radiates and gives away a signal in the form of infrared radiation. In a closed system, the term refers to those systems which have an air gap, such as in a car.

Heat radiates from a closed system by emitting photons (energy) which are affected by the temperature of the object, the frequency of the light, and the wavelength of the radiation. By measuring the temperature of a closed system and comparing it to the emission rate of the light that is being emitted, it is possible to calculate the amount of heat. This enables the location of the source of the heat to be determined.

In order to use thermal imaging for observation, a black box is required. The idea behind the black box is that the data gathered is transmitted directly from the camera to the PC, which then sends the data to the observatory.

Thermal Imaging

The black box is usually installed in an area where it receives a large number of photos, where it is easy to view. The data is analyzed to determine a good deal of information such as temperature, humidity, and even velocity of the object. This data can then be correlated with the information from a video camera that records the movement of the object in question.

Thermal imaging is a valuable way to provide information about something in the environment. Here is why ignoring thermal imaging is likely to cost you your business.

The need for regular maintenance is absolutely essential. Otherwise, the whole process of data collection will become highly ineffective. In order to measure the temperature of an object, a thermal camera must be installed at the place where the object is located.

With regular maintenance, you can rely on the black box in observing the temperature of the object every day. As soon as the black box is offline, the information gathered by the camera will be useless.

The importance of having regular maintenance for the black box can not be overemphasized. A failure to perform this maintenance may cost you your business.

Once the black box is cleaned, a check is performed on the alignment of the red laser. If the alignment is out of alignment, the data that was collected from the camera will be inaccurate.

Ensuring that the data collected is accurate is a difficult task. As soon as there is a problem, you have to take action. Ignoring this important process can result in a loss of business due to the fact that your customers will conclude that your company is unreliable.

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