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7 Seater Car Rental For Fulfilling Unique Travel Needs

7 Seater Car Rental

Hiring a car in Melbourne has become the latest trend. Even car owners prefer this choice as it comes with added flexible features. For example, you can hire a car with a driver. Or, you can rent it and drive yourself. 

Why would car owners hire cars? Reasons are there for this trend to rise. We explain all those to you in detail today. In the Melbourne CBD, many established vehicle renters do present today. Out of all, Lion Car Rentals has gained recognition for service flexibility and broadness. 

Rent A Car Service: Hiring or obtaining a car for rent is a practical option to consider when you have unique travel needs to achieve. For example, the car you own is a four-seater one. Would it be spacious enough to transport your whole family in a Melbourne tour? 

On the other hand, you may not have the capacity to afford a seven-seater. However, you can achieve the target through car hire services now. Visiting Melbourne during summer and other peak seasons takes place in abundance. A considerable percentage of such passengers rely on the 7 Seater Car Rental service today. 

  1. What has made this new trend? We can think of many elements here. First of all, maintaining a large vehicle is not an affordable option. More and more homeowners look for economical methods to get their travel requirements fulfilled. 
  2. Cheap car hire is more affordable when compared to you spending money on a 7 seater or van. 
  3. Hiring a car with a driver completely takes you off from the factor so-called responsibility. For example, when you own the car, you have to pay taxes and afford all maintenance costs. A car and a driver is a full package that gives you peace of mind about all these stress generators. 

7 Seater Car Rental

7 Seater Car Rental For Unique Travels Requirements: This car is a beneficial option when you have to achieve the impossible. For example, your current car can only accommodate four passengers. 

Through our clients’ behaviours, we have managed to understand the top uses of seven-seater cars:

  1. For Melbourne Tours: During the peak season, this tour becomes a top choice for travel lovers. Even travellers from other countries visit Australia for a perfect summer vacation.

Visiting Melbourne in your own car — is it a practical choice for you? It depends on the number of passengers to travel. On the other hand, you need a driver who knows Melbourne from A to Z. Allocating one from your group for driving the car is less practical. 

How about 7 seater car rental with a driver? If you prefer, you can book the car only. Even if only four passengers are there to travel, having a spacious car makes the journey more comfortable. A Melbourne tour can take hours or days to complete, depending on the number of travel destinations you plan to visit. Therefore, a spacious car is a thing to consider for making the whole journey a comfortable and luxury one. 

How much would you have to pay? The rates vary depending on the vehicle renter and the number of days you need it. At Lion Car Rentals, we rent our cars on per-day and per-week basis. According to your requirements, choose the right rental plan. Please contact us for more details on these tour packages.

For Airport Transfers: Airport transfers refer to either pickups or drop-offs. Why would you need a car for this? Driving the car to the airport yourself when you have a departure flight is a hassle. Also, someone has to drive the car back to your home. 

When it comes to family trips, over four passengers will need to travel to the airport. Moreover, large luggage makes it necessary for having a spacious car for the purpose. What is the best option for such airport transfers? A seven-seater car with a driver is able to fulfil all these unique requirements:

  • The driver takes responsibility for dropping you at the airport on time. 
  • The whole family can be a part of the journey as nobody has to focus on driving.
  • Those hired drivers know the exact road to take and avoid time delays. Who can afford to get late for a departure flight? 
  • Most of the time, car renters charge fixed amounts for airport transfers. Therefore, you can save a few dollars through it.
  • The bigger boot of the car can accommodate 2-3 luggage. 

For Inter-state Transfers: Australia is a vast country that holds many states. Even Melbourne is a colossal city that comprises hundreds of towns. When you have to travel from Melbourne to another state, would you drive your own car? 

The roads to take through the inter-state transfer and the distance will confuse you. Moreover, the experience of the driver plays a top role in guaranteeing the safety of all during such long-distance travels. 7 seater car rental is the best option for this unique moment. 

7 Seater Car Rental

  1. Since the car is a spacious one, you can stretch yourself and drive comfortably. 
  2. You will carry luggage to fulfil your essentials during an inter-state transfer, and the bigger boot fits those, too. 
  3. The seven-seater consume fuel in lower amounts when compared to other passenger transport vehicles of the same capacity. 

Thus, for inter-state transfers and other long-distance travel needs, this is the ideal and most affordable option to consider.

Some Final Words: Other than what we have explained in this article, you can choose the 7 seater car rental for many other travel needs. 

Like in all our previous articles, we have to give you a few crucial tips here:

  • Make sure the rented or hired vehicle is in ideal conditions.
  • Depending on your travel needs, choose between the car and driver option or the car only option. 
  • Understand that this service is affordable, not expensive or low-priced. 

For all your vehicle rental/hire needs, Lion Cars Rentals is the top choice; call us today for more information! 


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  1. It looks like the car rental seat designs are comfortable for the people who would like to travel. This is great and good news for all of us who travel from place to place.

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