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Driving instructor Hadfield

Driving Instructor Hadfield

Not long ago, a newspaper article made a serious allegation against a Driving Instructor Hadfield who had allegedly run a fleet of illegally rented buses. The accusation was particularly explosive since the school, while claiming to be accredited by the BC Training Council, had not been licensed by the province. So I thought I’d investigate.

BCTC licensing is mandatory for instructors who conduct driving courses. However, it has been reported that many private training schools fail to have this license. I asked around for the name of the teacher and his license number. The driving instructor Hadfield who had been under fire was only too happy to supply that information.

He was Hadfield, an experienced certified driving instructor Hadfield, and one of two persons listed on the school’s website. He was also the owner of Hadfield Medical Practice. For a start, Hadfield Medical Practice was a place of business, and it was obvious from the website that this was a legitimate practice.


Driving instructor Hadfield

Hadfield’s license came from the British Columbia College of Optometrists. This was done by means of submission for professional competence, and as an optometrist, he must undergo training and education on how to become licensed.

Hadfield went to school in the United Kingdom, so why would he have the wrong license? I wrote to Hadfield to see if he had any explanation, but his response was unsatisfactory.

“I would like to state that I am very sorry that you have received this information from the school,” he wrote. “I know this is not your intention. But, I have done nothing wrong. I am completely unaware of any wrongdoing.”

Why would someone with such a good education record possibly make mistakes? Perhaps Driving Instructor Hadfield was doing everything right. But the lack of BCTA accreditation for the Hadfield School of Driving is of some concern.

Driving Instructor

It would be good if there was a review of the quality of training available in this province. However, I think the current situation needs to be investigated by the Ministry of Education.

You can certainly make an omelette without breaking the old news about public school teachers. This is one reason I support the advocacy group Making A Living W/A Good Education.

It appears they have not learned their lesson about the use of advertising to sell a product. That has resulted in some high-profile people being placed on the BC No-Fly List.

When I read that story, I had Hadfield’s name and business address right in front of me. If he was a bad guy, I’d like to know his side of the story.

There are many people who complain about the way the public education system is run. However, if you are faced with having a fraudulent teacher teaching your children, you have every right to check out the background and credibility of the school.

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