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Driving Lessons Coolaroo | Signs of a Bad Instructor

Driving Lessons Coolaroo

We see a lot of learner drivers who have previously taken driving lessons Coolaroo with a different driving school or instructor and have no interest in continuing with them. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons we’ve heard from learners who wish to switch instructors to help them with the learning process. The presence of any of these signs indicates that your instructor is not providing the quality of service you are entitled to expect.

We are glad to announce that we do not condone any of the behaviors listed below and that this will not be your experience with us.

Signs of unreliable driving lessons Coolaroo

1. My instructor shouts at me

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Driving Lessons Coolaroo

A typical complaint we hear from pupils who have abandoned an instructor is that they were yelled at, and there is no justification for this. It is never a successful method of getting the most out of someone, as with any other kind of learning. While spending a fortune on driving lessons Coolaroo, one should not have to comply with this kind of behavior.

It would help if you looked forward to your driving lessons Coolaroo, although you may be frightened. You should never return home in tears after completing your lessons. Being able to demonstrate to an examiner that you have learned how to offer lessons in a “pupil-centered” manner is an important part of becoming a driving instructor. Essentially, this implies that you are the main focal point of the class, and it is their responsibility to choose the most effective way to educate and communicate with you.

They should tailor their lessons to your specific abilities and shortcomings, and they should maintain their composure throughout the process. You can tell that someone isn’t performing their job correctly if they resort to screaming at you to be understood.

2. Only talking, no driving

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Driving Lessons Coolaroo

This is a typical issue, and it must be irritating when you know you’ve spent money on driving lessons Coolaroo. And you want to succeed, but you return home feeling as if you’ve made no more progress than when you started. For all the time you spend learning about the mechanics of a vehicle or the road rules, you won’t be able to drive until you get behind the wheel and feel the rush of the open road.

It is important to remember that, even though you may not be driving everywhere and completing every move on day one, you should feel that you are progressing towards a goal and getting proficient in the skills assessed later.

When a student chooses a cheap offer, this is a common issue we hear. If the instructor does not want to use much petrol during the lesson, they may be trying to recuperate part of the money they lost by giving the bargain. When you choose the cheapest driving lessons Coolaroo, this is something you should expect.

Consider whether a bargain seems too good to be true before proceeding. Confirm that the lesson will include what you want it to and satisfy the terms and conditions.

3. Get asked to pay upfront for 40 lessons before even getting in a car

Driving Lessons Coolaroo

Getting your driver’s license requires a significant financial investment, even before you consider the cost of buying and insuring a vehicle. Many driving instruction companies and instructors provide discounts to customers who pre-book many classes at the same time. As soon as a pupil signs up for the sessions, the instructor may schedule the time across many weeks and is pleased to provide a price discount to ensure that they are committed.

Before making a large financial commitment, you should always have the opportunity to check out a class with an instructor to see if they’re a suitable match. Because the instructor will have their schedule blocked out for the duration of the intensive session, you’ll likely have to pay in advance. It’s important to know exactly what is included and any potential extra expenses before signing any contracts.

4. Paid for more lessons than I needed but didn’t get the money back

The extra money you paid your instructor should be reimbursed if you use block book lessons and pass your test before using them all. If you book ten hours of training with us but only utilize eight, we will reimburse you for the two hours you didn’t use.

If this is the case, you may want to double-check with your driving lessons Coolaroo provider before handing over a substantial sum of money, particularly if you are coming close to taking your exam.

5. The instructor spends a significant amount of time on their cell phone

Driving Lessons Coolaroo

Mobile phone use is not permitted during driving lessons Coolaroo. It is against the law. They may not be in the driver’s seat. But they must be ready to assist if required, so being distracted by a phone is just as harmful to them as it is to you.

Whether playing games on their smartphones, your instructor should devote 100% of their attention to what you are doing throughout the session. Besides safety, there are several considerations, such as ensuring that you get the most out of your session and feeling that they are committed to your success.

6. The instructor gets more stressed than I do when things are going wrong

Having an instructor who is more stressed than the trainee driver is a red flag. So, if they cannot keep a calm and reassuring demeanor in the face of an unexpected event, how are you meant to? It is necessary to pass more difficult examinations than the driving test you will take to guarantee that they are safe and competent road users throughout their training to become an instructor.

One of the most important aspects of their work is to get you out onto the highway, where you may encounter a variety of risks and possibly deadly circumstances. You need to have confidence that the driving lessons Coolaroo instructor sitting next to you will maintain their calmness under pressure, even if you are experiencing difficulties. So, if your driving lessons in Coolaroo seem like a learning experience with another newbie driver, it’s important to find a new instructor as soon as possible without wasting time.

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