Programmed Maintenance

Biggest Freud Of Programmed Maintenance is the new idea for maintaining your car properly and safely. To date, this concept has already been used in Europe by the AAVRA, the Automobile Association of Great Britain, in order to help potential car owners choose the right car insurance policy, protect their car from accidents and maximize its lifetime value.

Although auto shops have a simple list of Programmed maintenance procedures they are more or less required to do, there are several things that do not fit in their service lines and can be done at home to keep your car safe and running efficiently. This article aims to introduce these procedures and helps you gain a better understanding of how to maintain your car properly.

Do not leave your car running when the air conditioning system is not on. Even if it is a nice day outside you will know when you need to check the AC system as it will be just as cold in the morning or on a hot summer day.

Do not neglect your air filters. If the filter gets clogged with dirt and debris it will shorten the life of the filter and cause engine failure. It also helps to avoid engine malfunction and the emission of pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, that causes death and sickness.

Check your battery regularly for signs of damage. To avoid getting into a car emergency situation, you must remove the battery prior to leaving the house. If you leave it, never start your car to charge the battery, since leaving the vehicle on charge for too long will cause damage to the battery and may also result in some electrical fires.

It is not recommended to use the car’s alarm in high places. Accidents can happen, so it is always advisable to check all boxes while using an alarm.

 Programmed Maintenance

Read the manual when your car is moving. There are various steps to follow when parking your car and a car that is in motion can easily be upset. It will not be an accident if the car you park is not in its proper place.

Keep your car well maintained by checking the different types of fluid. Always remember that water, antifreeze, gasoline and battery fluid should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary. When it comes to antifreeze there is also antifreeze with different grades, it is important to know what the specific grade your car requires before switching to it.

Most car insurance companies require you to run your radiator and compressors regularly in order to protect them. All fluids, such as oil, water, and coolant, need to be inspected periodically to ensure that they are being kept in good condition.

Depending on the level of protection you prefer, you will want to have the correct type of lights for the road you are driving on. There are two main types of signals used by many insurance companies and you need to check to see which one is required for your region.

Cleaning your radiator regularly will ensure that your engine runs efficiently and keeps it performing at its best. It is also advised to have a minimum of two service visits per year and one when there is a need to replace any parts, such as brakes or the radiator.

Car maintenance has to be done regularly in order to be free from the hazards it brings. In order to be more aware of the steps to take in maintaining your car and avoid potential accidents, follow these tips and find yourself a great auto insurance deal.


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