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Jobs In Sri Lanka And How The Internet Boosts It?

Jobs In Sri Lanka

Over the past few years, more and more job vacancies made available on the Internet. The increase in the number of websites related to “job vacancies” is the top proof for this aspect. Why do many employers now post their company or organizations’ job positions on the Internet today? What is the core of this new trend? 

We live in the Internet era. Therefore, it is a must-do that we make use of it and become efficient individuals. Is this the reason behind this new job-posting trend? In today’s article, we review how did the Internet bridged the gap between employers and job seekers; let’s get into the details!

Jobs In Sri Lanka: Could you guess the number of vacant positions available in the country right now? “We don’t have jobs” is a saying that we often hear in the country. However, is it the current situation? The reality is not that dark. In Sri Lanka, even at this moment, thousands of opportunities are available on Social Media. In other words, employers don’t have to advertise in newspapers, which is a time-consuming option. 

Jobs In Sri Lanka


  1.  The Internet is a complete resource. All job vacancy platforms, including Social Media, are parts of this complete resource. Therefore, an employer can discover the most ideal candidates for a particular position efficiently. 
  2. The extent that the Internet has boosted this process is vast. Jobs in Sri Lanka are more accessible now. In the meantime, the chance that anybody can apply for a particular job is immense today. 
  3. Still, people so-called those who don’t use technology are missing this valuable opportunity. Therefore, the Sri Lankan government has to give every citizen access to the Internet. By doing that, the country’s workforce would increase, which will result in sustainable development. 

Is Social Media Suitable For This Aspect?: First of all, the employer has to know this crucial fact, “what is the job post?” Anyway, the current trend is different. For example, even the executive level vacancies are seen on social media platforms today. It is not a bad idea posting such high-level vacancies on Facebook; millions of people in Sri Lanka use it now. 

Recruiting programs do take place on social media more than ever these days. Through that, employers can save time and money in the long run. On the other hand, news about available job positions gets through to the public within the shortest possible time. 

Sri Lanka is yet a developing country, and it has been the same over the past few decades. However, we have moved forward with the rest of the world in many ways. The use of social media is one example of it. Using it for more and more positive tasks is the right way of handling it. Even the country’s youth has to make use of social media for such valuable aspects. 

The Most Efficient Way To Know Jobs In Sri Lanka: We can think of traditional or so-called old days’ methods. For example, the employer post vacancies on newspapers. Even today, this method takes place. It is safe to say that a considerable percentage of job seekers yet rely on such old days’ methods. However, we have to analyze the efficiency of those methods. 

For example, you may come across a job post on a weekend newspaper. Next, you prepare your CV and post it to them. How long will it take? 

On the other hand, you can do it online if the employer makes use of the Internet. As our previous articles have explained, you can keep the CV prepared and saved online. When you come across a job vacancy on the Internet, you can upload the CV and send it to them within a few seconds. 

Therefore, we can compare the two methods now. The previous option where you post your CV to the employer can take at least a day. In between that time, many other job seekers will reach the employer, making you, in a way, less visible to the employer. But, the online process is pretty efficient and convenient. As a result, you can make the employer understand about yourself and your capabilities within only a few seconds. Thus, which is the better option?

Jobs In Sri Lanka

The Advantage Of Company Or Organizations’ Websites: In this era, having a company website is crucial for the success of your business. In the meantime, you can educate millions of people about your business or organization through a company website. 

  1. Such websites get you through to the public efficient than any other means. 
  2. Out of thousands of visitors, a considerable percentage can be your ideal workforce in the future. 
  3. A company website is free advertising, and you can have a “Career” page on it. Whenever a job position is available, it goes on the career page. 
  4. Choosing the ideal candidate out of thousands of candidates is the top advantage of this new method. 
  5. You can cut down all the expenses that you have to afford on newspaper adverts or TV ads. 
  6. Social Media is a similar resource.

Jobs In Sri Lanka For International Workforce: Since the Internet is a common resource for the whole world, you can use it for attracting international employees, too. That is what is happening in many developed countries. You may be in Sri Lanka, but you can access international job vacancies through the Internet today. Still, the process takes only a few minutes. 

Anyway, Sri Lanka holds ample of educated and qualified individuals who can fulfil available job vacancies. Therefore, we don’t need to focus on hiring International workforces. 

Closing Thoughts: In conclusion, the Internet has raised everything related to jobs in Sri Lanka to the next level now. Both the parties, employers and job seekers, benefit from using it. It is a matter of accessing the Internet via any digital device. 

If you are a job seeker who thinks that “no job vacancies are available that suit my qualifications,” then go to Google and type jobs in Sri Lanka. You will be surprised by the results! 

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