Chauffeur Melbourne

Chauffeur car hire has become a top trend among business owners and VIPs. And even general passengers hire this luxury car hire service often than ever now. But why? Is there anything special in this service? Of course, yes. It is exclusive to the point where no other passenger transport services can come close to it. 

No matter how big or special the function, a wedding day or a VIP party, this is the ideal choice to reach. At OZE, we offer this luxury service with exceptional customer service. So, it is a complete service that is on a different level. 

Chauffeur Cars Melbourne Service Explained: In plain words, this is a car or van service that is ideal for business owners and VIP transport. A chauffeur-driven car is a high-grade option. Therefore, you can drive in it for any corporate event. So-called unique features that this service hold is remarkable. 

  • As the most punctual passenger transport service, this is the ideal choice for airport transfers. 
  • The classiness of this car service makes it the best as wedding cars. 
  • Luxury cars and vans are the top vehicle choices for chauffeur’s vehicle fleets. 
  • The fact that you can hire luxury cars and vans through this service makes it ideal for business and leisure travels. 
  • Anyway, all these top features come at affordable rates today. 

Chauffeur Melbourne

Why Is Chauffeur Melbourne Higher Above All?: From where else can you get the limousine service? If you are a VIP or a business owner, then would you drive in general taxis? Well, you won’t; and that is because those so-called regular passenger transport services don’t match your status. However, chauffeured cars services have become the top choice of VIPs and business owners. 

Therefore, that fact alone is sufficient to prove — this service is at the highest level today. Here, we have to review the two top resources of it:

  1. The luxury car or van: Most of the time, well-known luxury cars such as the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes Benz S Class. 
  2. The vehicle operator is not a regular individual. A chauffeur is a trained person in many areas such as VIP or business owner handling. Also, their knowledge of Melbourne is vaster when compared to you and other drivers. 

Travel Packages Offered By Our Chauffeur Service: Well, we refer to all other established chauffeurs, too. Our top features allow us to offer the following tour packages:

  • Wedding Cars.
  • Limousine Service.
  • Melbourne Airport Transfers for VIPs.
  • Special tours such as winery tours. 
  • Business Meetings and corporate event. 
  • Inter-state transfers. 
  • Corporate car services for offices and businesses. 
  • Affordable tour packages for general passenger groups. 
  • Baby seat taxi/chauffeur services. 

Chauffeur Melbourne

Comparing Us With Taxis: Taxi services are great in terms of affordability. However, does it come with full features? Chauffeured car service in Melbourne, on the other hand, is a complete service in every possible aspect. Anyway, we don’t underestimate those so-called regular taxi services. A lot of passenger groups in Australia make use of it even today. 

We are here for people to whom 24 hours is not enough. In other words, we are super-efficient to save time in the long run.  

Closing Thoughts: So, Melbourne Chauffeur is the ultimate passenger transport service available today. And OZE is a number one provider of it. Our vehicle fleet contains luxury cars and vans for larger passenger groups. 

Since we are affordable more than ever now, you will benefit from choosing us for all your chauffeur car hire requirements. As long-term aids, we offer the corporate car service, which is ideal for offices and businesses. Contact us over the phone for more information. Or you can meet us at our office and witness our establishment! 


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