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Planning Your Trip? Check These Tips to Get the Best Deal on Rental Cars

Car For Rent

People who plan to a car for rent in Melbourne travel across the city, to the Southern Cross Station and then hire a car in Melbourne. There are some basic guidelines that you must follow to have a pleasant and hassle-free holiday in Melbourne. If you follow these simple suggestions, you will be able to plan your Melbourne travel plans with ease.

To car for rent in Melbourne, you must first book a car at the car rental companies in the city. You must decide whether you will opt for a single or double occupancy car; if you go for a double occupancy car, you will need to book a driver’s license and car registration.

Once you have decided which car to rent in Melbourne, you can take your time and find the cheapest rates for car rentals in Melbourne, if you are planning to visit the city during a long vacation weekend. Also, if you will stay longer in Melbourne, you can opt for a rental car for hire which will require you to show proof of car insurance or an airport concession card.

Timeslip Car Rental and Sterling Rent A Car are some of the popular car rental companies in Melbourne that offer many kinds of cars and rental services. Both of these companies have offices located at the Southern Cross Station.

For those planning to rent a car in Melbourne, it is recommended that you visit several companies to compare the prices and hire cars. It is advisable that you also visit some of the other car rental offices to see the facilities and the car models before renting one from Timeslip or Sterling.

Car For Rent

There are lots of discounts available when you rent a car at timeslip or Sterling. Remember that there are several discount rates for different levels of car rental.

If you are planning to rent a sedan car ora sports car, you will be able to get the best deals if you visit the offices of various car rental companies. There are lots of locations for both timeslip and sterling car rentals:

The nearest car rental company offices are located at the Northern and Southern ends of the CBD, at the mall on Swanston Street, and several car parks in the suburbs. Visit the local office of timeslip or sterling to find out about the location of the nearest office.

You should also be careful about the price that is quoted when you are booking a car with the car rental companies. If you go for a car for rent in Melbourne for hire, it is advised that you make sure that you check the mileage on the car on the rental contract.

You should also know about the extra charges that you have to pay when you hire a car in Melbourne. Some of the basic details that you should know about are the cost of parking fees, vehicle maintenance costs, and the excess mileage charges.

If you are looking for a cheap car rental Melbourne, consider searching online. Try using Google maps to look for cheap rentals in Melbourne.

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