Melbourne airport short term parking

Do you have to make use of Melbourne Airport Short Term Parking?

You might be wondering why some online travel sites are offering free parking when you book your flight with them. It is because these online sites are owned by a particular car servicing company that owns, operate and maintain several car parking facilities at the major Melbourne International Airport.

In addition, these companies also make available online booking forms that can be used by any passenger who wishes to park their car at Melbourne Airport. At this online portal, one can easily select the date and time on which they want their car parked until boarding the aeroplane. 

And if they do not wish to park their car, then they can simply drive their car to any other car parking facility at the Airport. Since most of these car parking facilities are located very close to the Melbourne Airport, all tourists and visitors can easily commute directly to the main area without wasting any time or effort.

If you are visiting Melbourne on an extended vacation, and if you have to make use of the Melbourne airport short term parking for a longer period, then you can just contact their customer care representatives during business hours to obtain information on payment plans and discounts. Moreover, you can also find out if there is any special discount available if you book your parking space online. 

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Melbourne airport short term parking

When you make use of online services to obtain information about discounts and plan your vacation accordingly, then you can save a lot of money that you would have otherwise required to pay in the form of parking charges at the Melbourne Airport. Moreover, most car servicing companies also provide complimentary parking passes to their customers, upon purchase of a car.

If you are unable to locate a suitable car servicing company near your home, then you can always search the Internet, as several websites offer free information regarding car rental plans. You can even view several online galleries and view different models of cars, based upon your needs and requirements. 


Moreover, you can read customer reviews and get all the basic information about a particular car model, before making a booking. In this way, you can save yourself from the hassles of making a booking in the comfort of your home, without having to go to a car servicing centre.

However, if you are in Melbourne for only a day, and do not wish to make use of the free information provided online, then you can always visit the Melbourne Airport, and inquire about Melbourne airport short term parking. You can also view some of the beautiful sights and scenery around the Yarra River. 

Melbourne airport short term parking

However, if you are not planning to stay in Melbourne for a long time, but only for a day, then you can still avail of the car service offered by some of the reputable car rental companies, and drive home in your car. This is much easier and more affordable than making a reservation in a car servicing centre.

After availing of the services of a car service company on your arrival, you can either park your car in the paid parking lot or use the off-site streets and parking blocks. The Melbourne airport short term parking charges applicable on the off-site parking blocks will not be taken into consideration during your stay in Melbourne. 

Moreover, after availing of the car servicing services, you can take back your vehicle to the garage of the Melbourne Airport, and use the same again the next day. Therefore, if you are planning to make a special trip to Melbourne, but do not want to spend money on Melbourne airport short term parking, you should opt for the car servicing option offered by many leading car rental companies.

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